Unstoppable James Garrett: An Edwards Lifesciences TAVR Story

Saving Burn Victims with Volume View

Patient profile; Taiwanese physician utilizes innovative protocol to aid critically burned victims; festival award winner.

Phillip’s Pomalyst Profile

Born at 23 Weeks: Baby Leah’s Story

Patient profile; preemie baby's journey back to health; 2 festival awards.

Back to Being Me: Mario Ramirez’s TAVR Story

Kate’s Makena Experience

Patient profile; parmaceutical education piece for women facing pre-term birth.

The Edwards Legacy – 60 Years of Discovery

Hilton Hotels New Hire Orientation Video

Luci’s Valve-in-Valve Story

A Facilities Engineer’s Story

Employee profile promotes career opportunities in Central CA oil and gas.

The Traveler’s Reward

Brand video delivers the essence of DoubleTree Hotel hospitality; 2 festival awards.

Teri’s MS Story

MS patient shares her challenges and successes with Madeleine Stowe.

Picturing a Masterpiece

Honoring the photographer who captured the daring construction of the Golden Gate Bridge; 3 festival awards.

The Fab Lab’s Rural Reach

Selma’s First Black Police Chief

Patient profile; an inspirational man who's seen it all… and because of his health has much more ahead; festival award winner.

The Heavy Lift (Timelapse)

Major refinery project achieves great heights; 4 festival awards.

Fab Lab!

Social media vignette looks at how fab labs inspire students.

Training Teachers for STEM Success

Social media vignette shows how investments in teacher training are impacting STEM education.

All In to Win

Motivational video introduces the value and rewards of inclusion; 2 film festival awards.

CEO Light and Warmth Winner: Celeste Reeves

An inspiring DoubleTree employee and brand hero; 2 festival awards.

Get Social!

Quick-start guide to social media for hotel managers.

The Crash Test Dummy

Patient profile; an adventurer tests the limits of heart valve surgery; 3 festival awards.

David Andelman, Reporting

Patient profile; noted journalist shares his views about the value of heart valve surgery; festival award winner.

Lucky Lady

Patient profile; a woman in her 90s literally defines "spunk"; festival award winner.

Intuity Elite Valve System

Medical device product introduction featuring clinician perspectives and product animation; festival award winner.

What’s in a Billion

Medical device product promotion... with a twist.

Lead Change through the PAC

Explainer video about how Political Action Committees work; festival award winner.

Welcome to Edwards Lifesciences

Corporate image video for global medical device company.

Grandpa’s Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

Patient profile; exploring next-generation therapy for abdominal aortic aneurysm.

Better Pain Management: A Patient Story

Patient profile; pharmaceutical education piece about pain management for clinicians.

“The Guest Experience” Conference Promo

Animated event promo announcing global conference; festival award winner.

CEO Light and Warmth Winner: Anton Cobb

An inspiring Hilton employee and brand hero; festival award winner.

CEO Light and Warmth Winner: Craig Poole

An inspiring Doubletree employee and brand hero.

The Momentum of We

Recruitment video for global financial institution.

Looking Out My Window

Patient profile; Grace Nasser's triumph over nystagmus - 2 festival awards.

Certifying High School Students for Natural Resources Careers